Serene sound bath

Why is it called a bath? Participants lay on the floor in supported savasana (lying down on the back) and let the waves of sound “wash” over them. For those who are not comfortable lying down, a seated position either on the floor or in a chair is a perfect alternative. A sound bath is a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience, a perfect non-invasive tool to facilitate better sleep and stress reduction,  assisting those who struggle with insomnia and other sleep related concerns as it calms our overstimulated nervous system and brings balance to your energy. It is a meditation guided by sound and vibration, an immersive sensory concert performed with quartz crystal bowls and other instruments and vocals. Pure tones create a symphony of sounds ranging from harmony to dissonance as organic binaural beats entrain the brain and facilitate a shift in your state of consciousness, encouraging the production of Theta waves in your brain. `Theta is the state before sleep, it encourages deep relaxation, awakens your creativity, inspiration, and governs the part of our mind that lies between the conscious and the unconscious. It is believed that this mental state allows you to act below the level of the conscious mind. Sound Baths are an opportunity to release old energy and patterns, to be introspective and observant, and to support your meditation practice.


  • Deeply relaxing, and reduces stress
  • Induces theta brain state
  • Can be performed laying down or seated.

Here are some tips before your first sound bath: 

  1. Bring your own yoga mat, and if desired: pillow, blanket, and water bottle. For your comfort while lying on the ground for an hour during the session, a pillow under the knees provides great support for your lower back, and a blanket is cozy as your body relaxes and cools (especially in the winter months!)
  2. Staying hydrated is important, drink plenty of water before and after. The vibrations have a similar effect as a massage and you will want to flush out the toxins that were released in the session.
  3. Don’t TRY to listen and follow the sounds. Simply relax and allow the sounds to fill the space in the room, allow yourself to drift off, be taken away with them and slip into a less focused state of mind. Like meditation, you cannot remain both in control and in a state of effortless presence… you must choose to let go.
  4. These sessions can be healing, emotional, frustrating… remember that you bring yourself with you. If you arrive upset, use this time to release whatever is causing you anger. If you are sad, allow yourself to open your heart. If you are in pain, breathe deeply and let your ailments wash away. Bring an intention into our session, together we will amplify and support these with our sound and presence.
  5. You might just have a nap… but don’t worry, the sounds are working their magic even as you rest. Make sure you get to know your neighbor before the session begins as you may have to nudge or be nudged awake if sleeping noises, such as snoring, are contributing to the show.
  6. This is your time. It doesn’t haven’t to end when the bowls cease to play…take some time afterwards to continue your self-care. Often Sound Baths are in the evenings so you can head home and slip into a beautiful deep sleep directly following.
  7. Ask questions. Was there something about your experience that you would like to discuss? Please come up after the sessions with your questions or comments.

Available for group & private bookings. Check our schedule for upcoming events.