About me

I have always been a rule bender and a believer in doing what feels expansive. My path has led me through physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual peaks and valleys. I’ve spent time in the woods, and time in a cubicle. I’ve loved what I do at times, and alternatively felt like I was “serving time”. It is what came out of those experiences that offered the greatest lessons for living from my core values. I see the world as an opportunity to learn, to go beyond expectations, and to raise others to a higher caliber of living through awareness and intentional engineering of the future.

  • I create processes and high level strategic plans to bring ideas to life
  • I believe we are all human before we are employees or employers so we must leave room for self-care and self-study
  • The work I do is collaborative,  our combined energy and creativity empower you to be the agent of change you want to be
  • My unique perspective and methodologies make my approach refreshing and engaging

My repertoire of techniques reflects who I am, someone who believes there is not just one right way. I use words like “energy” and “force”, as well as “actionable” and “execution”.  Everyone falls, it’s how you get back up that matters. I believe we all need help, it’s asking for it sometimes that’s the hardest part. And I believe we are all in this together, no matter how far apart we may feel.

I do what I do because I want to help people. The more people I help, the more people they will be able to help…and so it grows.

Our time together has a multitude of possibilities. Where do you want to begin?


Aimee Serene - Serene Sound Sessions